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Custom Fabrication

Bakeries and snack manufacturing plants employ a wide variety of conveyance systems to move ingredients, doughs, formed products, finished baked foods and snacks, and packages through processing and packaging.

Belt conveyors are the most common choice in today’s automated bakeries, and many different belts are available. Fabric, rubber, plastic, steel and wire mesh belts are all fairly common.

Belt conveyors can run with low and high tension and feature positive or push drives. Decisions about which belt a bakery or snack manufacturer needs often depends upon the application.

On-Site Installation

Great Lakes Belting & Supply Corporation (GLB) is pleased to offer you the very best products designed for all food processing industries.

We offer a full line of custom in-house fabrication on stock and special order materials. Absolutely any belt fabrication you require (process, conveyor or power transmission) is available from GLB.
We also offer complete on-site installation at your facility, on a 24-hour 7-days-per-week basis.

In addition to belting, we also offer free-of-charge plant surveys and conveyor system engineering services to our customers. Our experience and well-trained service technicians and sales engineers are available to assist you in your facility at your convenience.

Reliable & Sanitary

Moving bread, biscuits and other bakery products can present some big challenges in the food industry.

Not only do you need to provide different types of conveyor belts at each part of the production process, but you also need to ensure that conveyors and conveyor belts are sanitary and suitable for use with food. Each of these factors calls for conveyor belts that are expressly designed for the bread and biscuit industry and which satisfy a wide range of production requirements.

With the increasing hygiene standards within the food industry, GLB offers products that comply with HACCP principles in order to provide trouble-free and safe food production.

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GLB offers a complete product range for the bakery, biscuit and snack processing industry. This includes all kind of fabric belts and modular belts with different surface finishes.

We have worked with our vendors to develop an extensive variety of solutions that allow us to assist our customers in choosing the best product for their application. All products offered are FDA and/or USDA compliant.